ETC’s Fall Release Brings the NEW Colorsource Spot V

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ETC’s new ColorSource V family, recently revealed during ETC’s fall launch event, created a lot of excitement around the industry. This family replaces the previous ColorSource Spots, combining successful existing technology and improved manufacturing processes to create a whole new experience. This 20% brighter fixture houses a 5-color array of red, green, blue, indigo, and lime to create a huge range of bold to pastel colors.

Of course, as a broader member of the ETC family, the ColorSource V continues to work with existing equipment, giving your favorite lenses and tubes a chance to shine in a whole new way. Use your existing fixed spot, zoom, Fresnel, and Cyc attachments to get the same great effects out of a much brighter fixture. With an L70 rating of 54,000 hours, there is plenty of time to try them all.

Light output isn’t everything though, as the ColorSource V puts people into focus with it’s accessible configuration. Natively built with NFC in conjunction with ETC’s ‘Set Light’ app, fixture property settings can be set with the tap of a phone. Even if the fixture has no power, one tap is all you need to change the universe. Plus, the CSSV has built in wireless DMX/RDM through an integrated City Theatrical Multiverse, allowing simple control from one singular spot.

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