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Market leaders in lighting control, system innovation, technical integration, and service.

Our Team

Market leaders in lighting control system innovation, technical integration, and service.

Shane Lacey
Randy Hoff
Field Service and IT Manager
Kristy Mallard
Projects Group
Eric Hoff
Projects Group/Submittal Drawings
Josh Kosmicki
Service Technician
Dave Hierholzer

About GLS

GLS (George Lacey Sales) was founded in 2003 as an independent manufacturer's representative of architectural and entertainment lighting control systems. We carry in-house system application, design, pricing, integration, project management, and local technical site services provided through staff technicians and strategic partner technicians.
Our clients include the architectural specification community, dealers and distributors, contractors, property managers, and ownership entities. Our office is comprised of a capable outside sales team and an internal technical group that combines to find the best solution for any of our projects.
GLS recognizes all lighting control systems as unique, requiring slightly different technical and economic needs as well as service needs. We also offer a number of lighting control system manufacturers and associates services to ensure the optimal hardware and service solutions are presented for each project.


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