Universal Douglas Launches New Dataline Ceiling Sensor for Dialog

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Dialog Sensors offer customers flexibility, new features and ease-of-use:


A tilting eyeball for control over directional detection and 3 lens types for use in more situations.

  • Standard Lens for Typical 7’-15’ mounting height; with a 14’ radius @ 9’
  • Extended Lens for Typical 7’-15’ mounting height; with a 27’ radius @ 8’
  • Typical 40’ mounting height; with a 40’ radius @ 40’

New Features

  • Industry-leading Prolong feature: Dim the light for a period of time before turning them completely OFF.
  • Mounting in a standard octagon box or ceiling tile no longer requiring a deep box.
  • Easier programming with the mobile Dialog 4000 Programming software
  • New and improved ADI-Voice technology for DualTech enabled devices.


  • Dialog dataline equipment. Simple wiring without worrying about individual wire polarity.
  • Occupancy detector allowing for Occupancy, Vacancy, Partial ON, and Partial OFF functionality for any Dialog-based systems.
  • Photo Sensor for Open or Closed Loop Daylight Harvesting (interior photocell only, WPS-4741, also available)