Advantages of Avi-on Lighting Controls

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The benefits of Avi-on Lighting Controls include security, ease-of-use, and electrical efficiency.


Avi-on is the first and only controls system to be UL-1376 Platinum Security Certified. The Platinum level IoT Security Rating demonstrates that Avi-on Pro Commercial Lighting Control Platform line of products utilizes the best practices in industry and meets benchmarks for Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity. It has achieved UL's Design Lights Consortium (DLC) 5.0 Qualified Products List (QPL) Cybersecurity Qualification as well. It is used by the Department of Defense, as it is the most secure lighting control system. Avi-on is truly at the forefront of adopting cyber-security for lighting controls.


As well as being secure, Avi-on lighting controls are easy to use. The network is connected through bluetooth, rather than being physically connected to other devices. The products form a single-mesh network. Therefore, when extending the system, it is only necessary for the new component to connect to another component in the system, rather than a central router or gateway. This capabilities of a single-mesh network and wireless connectivity make Avi-on great for retrofits, because replacement fixtures only need to be connected to line/low voltage, so no new wires need to be run or connected.

One of the most accessible things about Avi-on products is how they are programmed. Using the Avi-on app you can program your device network, changing groups, scheduling, and input/output devices. Furthermore, using a Remote Access Bridge (RAB) allows you to access your Avi-on network, even when not bluetooth connected. You simply have to connect the RAB to your wi-fi router for long range communication. It doesn't sacrifice security, though, as it creates a secure connection that only you can use!

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