Marquee Lighting is Retro yet Timeless - Fitting for Any Genre of Project

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Intelligent Marquee Systems (IMS) takes marquee and festoon lighting to a new level offering dimmable white, tunable white, and RGBW LED marquee lamps/bulbs that are individually controllable on a single 2 wire cable. Whether the installation is a fixed socket or a festoon mounted socket, the system allows control on a per lamp basis. IMS lamps are connected using two wires daisy chained lamp to lamp allowing the system to be used to retrofit existing marquee lamp infrastructure without wiring changes. The two wires to the IMS lamps carry both power and data to the lamps.

The IMS LED E26 screw base lamps/bulbs are available in warm white, dynamic white, filament and frosted versions, as well as frosted RGBW (red, green, blue, warm white). The IMS polycarbonate, UV resistant shatterproof bulbs are perfect for indoor or outdoor installations! The IMS lamps are controlled by a 120VAC drive sending low voltage 24VDC power and data over 2 wires to the lamps. The drive accepts DMX512 data for control of the lamps. The DMX controller can be included with the system or “by others".

IMS lamps pair perfectly with Firefly commercial duty, exterior rated, festoon cable systems. These festoon cables are available in both round cabling and flat self-leveling cable. The round cable offers cable mounted or pendant mounted sockets. The flat cable offers cable mounted sockets, and self-levels due to its robust cable and commercial insulation mass.

Check Out the Firefly festoon cable linked below! Take a moment to visualize the aesthetic created when marquee style lamps are programmable to offer a soft and warm static scene, a pastel blue static scene, or, after dinner, an animated colored environment that says, “Hey how about that after dinner drink"?

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