Gantom Juni, a Micro Framing Projector Smaller Than Your Smartphone!

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At less than 130mm (5 inches) in length, Juni is the smallest framing projector on the market. Gantom collaborated with top lighting designers in themed entertainment and architecture to create the most precise lighting tool for space-constrained environments.

With zoom optics and multiple mounting configurations, Juni provides specifiers with design flexibility in a wide range of applications such as themed entertainment, dark rides, restaurants, lobbies and public areas, art exhibits, museums, retail, theater and stage, hotels, and trade shows. The Juni accepts a Gantom size 19mm gobo for use as breakups or accents, or to project a custom image in light.

For permanent installations, every adjustable mechanism is fully lockable (including shutters) to assure fixture focus when the designer steps away. All this in a fixture that's smaller than your smartphone! Juni has a matte-black anodized aluminum finish with silver available by custom quotation. Juni has a maximum wattage of 9W and isavailable in 12VDC PWM or DMX (see Juni DMX) dimming options. There are 3 available mounting options: standard screw-mount yoke, recessed canopy, and track.

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